Recommended Reads, 2 September

A little bit of everything today, from fracking to late night talk shows.

A look back on Paul Shaffer, David Letterman's band leader for 30 years, and a look forward to life after Letterman. My house growing up was a Letterman house through and through, so I have a long list of memories of Shaffer leading Stump the Band and other Late Show gags. (Daily Beast)

The US oil boom in North Dakota and Texas has been a tremendous economic and technological achievement - but it might not last. Tragically, the high oil prices that make many of these oil fields economically viable may fall because of  surge in supply coming from them. (Financial Times)

Only 10 states earned an A or B on this women's equality in the workplace scorecard. Massachusetts won top honors, Alabama came in dead last, and Minnesota ranked 7th. (Washington Post)

Surprise: household investors are moving their money into stocks and away from bonds. Well, not a surprise given that bond yields are so low, they are BFFs with Garth Brooks. (Bloomberg Views)

How Louis Vuitton became a successful luxury brand, and how an entire industry followed suit. (The Atlantic)

CALORIC BONUS: Arby's secret menu offers unbeatable deal on obesity, indigestion. (Washington Post)