Recommended Reads, 29 August

Welcome to the last weekend of the summer. If we're lucky, Minneapolis won't have snow for 2 months. So we've got that to look forward to.

Now that we've got that out of the way, some links:

Templeton Rye Whiskey - the whiskey marketed as coming from Al Capone's favorite Prohibition recipe and passed down through generations of an Iowa family on a ratty notecard - is actually just made at the massive Indiana distillery that makes Crown Royal. So there goes your faith in an industrious artisan. (Des Moines Register)

Visual learning: Vox's stab at explaining the world economy in a staggering number of maps. Take a break in the middle so you don't get map fatigue. (Vox)

Ferguson's racial transformation - from working class white to poor black neighborhood - isn't uncommon. What is maybe a little more unique, or at least more pronounced, about Ferguson is St. Louis' long-standing commitment to de facto segregation. (NYT Upshot)

Over at Global Risk Insights, where I'm a Contributor, we had an exciting week. Roger Duyu's article "Is China's economy too big to transform?" was featured in Business Insider. (Global Risk Insights)

Man, does Stubble Magazine know how to cut through the fat in interviews. Here's their explosive conversation with the brilliantly named Minneapolis Residents for the Restoration of Sky Views and Lowered Density (MRRSVLD). (Stubble)

A Tale of Two Cities: Detroit's unemployment is high and Minneapolis's is not. Kids, this is why you diversify your economy. (WSJ Real Time Economics)